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Game Info

Name: James Bond
Nationality: British
Occupation: MI6 Agent

Bond joined MI6 after a period of time in the British navy, during which he rose to the rank of commander. Having proven himself capable in the field, Bond has been sent on a number of successful missions. His latest is to invesitgate Raphael Drake, who MI6 suspects has sinister motives behind his nuclear decommissioning projects.
Name: Dominique Paradis
Nationality: French
Occupation: small arms and explosives expert

Enlisted to track down a missing nuclear warhead, Dominique has infiltrated Drake's organization. Bond will need all of her considerable skills to gain access to Drake's plans.
Name: Zoe Nightshade
Nationality: American
Occupation: CIA Agent

Bond will once again need to work with American agent Zoe Nightshade. Bond had previously worked with Nightshade, who is fluent in Mandarin and is an excellent driver, during the Malprave incident.
Name: Raphael Drake
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: head of Phoenix International Corporation

A brilliant and charismatic businessman, Drake has transformed the Phoenix International Corporation into one of the world's leading "regeneration" companies. However, MI6 has reason to suspect that he may have hidden plans of a different nature.
Name: Armitage Rook
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: Drake's head of security

Rook, an imposing and formidable adversary, has an incredible ability to survive anything. Eliminating him could be a considerable challenge.
Name: Alexander Mayhew
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: oversees Phoenix International Corporation's Japanese holdings

Mayhew has full knowledge of Drake's dealings. It's highly likely that he has key information at his country estate outside Tokyo.
Name: Makiko Hayashi
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Mayhew's bodyguard

Hayashi, lethally skilled in martial arts, is Mayhew's personal bodyguard and her loyalty is unquestioned.
Name: Alura McCall
Nationality: Australian
Occupation: Intelligence operative

On loan to MI6, McCall is extremely adept with a variety of firearms and should be quite useful to Bond.