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Game Info
The following walkthrough may not list completely every aspect of every level and is only intended as a basic guide on how to beat each level. More specific details will be added as time permits. This walkthrough was written while paying on "Operative" difficulty so there may be a few extra steps on higher difficulty levels. If you know of any differences between the low difficulty and higher difficulty settings, please let me know so that I can include them in the walktrough. Also, please let me know of any errors you find in the walkthrough so that I may correct them.

001: Rendevous
002: Airfield Ambush
003: Uninvited Guests
004: Night Shift
005: Hidden Agenda
006: High Treason
007: Island Getaway
008: Zero Minus
009: Reentry

Mission 001: Rendevous

As the mission starts, hop down to the bridge below. Jump on the truck passing below to get into the compound quicker. There’s another way in, but riding the truck is faster. Both ways are listed below. If you rode the truck, just ignore everything in the italicized section below.


Shoot out any guards that the truck passes on its way or let the truck run them over. You’ll soon reach a big door. Press action to load the next area. There’s armor behind a locked gate in the garage that the truck pulled into. Use the watch laser to break the lock. There’s also a guard in there that you’ll need to take out.

After exiting the garage, find the courtyard with the fountain up head to your right. Up the steps and through the door there’s two guards. Kill them and hit the switch marked “ENERGIE” next to the map. This shuts down the power to a locked door you’ll find later. Up the stairs, to the right, and up more stairs there’s body armor.

Go back out into the area that the truck drove to. On the opposite side of it across from the truck there’s an area with an open generator box and a balcony around one edge. Shoot the guard patrolling up on the balcony and turn off the generator by pressing action in front of the opened part. This will turn off some searchlights ahead. If you need armor, you can use the cell phone grapple hook to grapple onto a hook on the balcony area. There are some armor plates up there.

Continue out to the long narrow courtyard. If you didn’t turn off the searchlights avoid them and take out the guard patrolling the area. You can take out the guards by the searchlights if you want to but they’re not much of a problem. When you enter the door on the other side, turn right and go through the door with the green box on it. It would be red and locked if you hadn’t flipped the switch to unlock it earlier. Continue through it and take out the guards and searchlights outside. Walking up to the big glass door will take you to the next area.


Head to the searchlight tower that the truck passed under ahead of you. There’s a guard on top and a guard patrolling on the road. Behind the tower and to the right, use the watch laser to break the lock and open the door. Go up the stairs and out to the bridge. Through the door on the other side, there’s a ladder up to the roof. Climb it and find the wire hanging across to the castle itself. Press action to grab on and use the direction keys to move across. The darkened area in the middle emits sparks that can knock you off so be careful and time your movement so that you pass the spot unharmed.

Once on the other side, turn left and walk around the edge of the castle until you come along a small ledge against some windows. The camera angle will change as Bond flattens himself against the building. Move across the same way you did on the cable. When you make it across, find the balcony and use your cell phone grapple on the hook above it. Open the door to reach the next area.

There’s nothing through any of the doors in the area so head for the stairs to your left. There’s a guard and a sniper rifle at the top. Use the sniper rifle to take out the guards in the searchlight area below. At the bottom of the stairs, there’s a locked door with a red box on it straight ahead. Go outside through the door to your right. Take out the guard patrolling below and avoid the searchlights if you didn’t already take them out with the sniper rifle.

Straight across there’s an area with a balcony and an open generator box. Shoot the guard patrolling up on the balcony and turn off the generator by pressing action in front of the opened part. This will turn off the searchlights that you passed if you didn‘t take them out earlier. If you need armor, you can use the cell phone grapple hook to grapple onto a hook on the balcony area. There are some armor plates up there.

The truck will be straight across from you ahead. To your left as you face the truck, there’s a small courtyard with a fountain in the middle. Up the steps and through the door there’s two guards. Kill them and hit the switch marked “ENERGIE” next to the map. This shuts down the power to the lock on the door you saw earlier. Up the stairs, to the right, and up more stairs there’s body armor.

Backtrack to the door that was previously locked and open it. Continue through it and take out the guards and searchlights outside. Walking up to the big glass door will take you to the next area.

Turn right and go through the door ahead. After the FMV, go down the stairs and press the action button near the waiter to retrieve your equipment. Use the cigarette lighter camera to take pictures of all the women. You may have to try several times to get a good front angle before you can complete the objective. Once you’ve done that, go back upstairs and through the door that Rook was previously guarding.

After the FMV, go up the spiral staircase and through the door across the room. There’s a gallery area through another set of doors. Since you’ve got no weapons, use the stun key ring, the dart pen, or just your fists to take out the guards. Once you’ve killed one, you can use his gun on the others. M will contact you about a safe hidden in the next room. It’s behind the second painting on the left. If you can’t find it, use the Q-Specs on x-ray mode. Press action to reveal the safe and use your watch laser to break the lock.

Once you’ve retrieved the documents, go through the door across the room at the top of the stairs. Continue through another set of doors to the meeting room. After the FMV, run downstairs and kill the guards. Go behind the bookshelf and down the stairs. Take out the guard at the bottom and continue to the next area.

Now you’re at the gondola station. Kill any guards in the area and press the lever by the stripped guard. Zoe took his uniform and is waiting in the gondola below. Grab the rocket launcher to the side of the gondola, get in, and press the button. The gondola will move forward for a short time and then stop.

A couple of guards will be shooting from the gondola platform you just left so take them out. Now the last thing remaining is to take out the attack helicopter. Wait for it to fly out far enough for you to get a good view of it and shoot a few rockets at it. It shouldn’t be hard to destroy. Once you’ve done that the mission ends.

Mission 002: Airfield Ambush

As the mission begins, Zoe runs across to the other building. You’ll need to find the generator that powers the spotlights and disable it so that she can make it to the security center. Don’t venture out into the main area, as you can’t be seen just yet without failing the mission.

Instead, go behind the alley between the fence and the building Zoe is leaning against. At the corner up ahead there’s a guard and searchlight. Shoot the guard in the head with your P99 (make sure it’s silenced) and continue around the corner to the generator. Use your watch laser to break the lock and then use the action key to push the lever that disables the generator. Go back to Zoe and she’ll make her move.

After Zoe makes it inside, a guard comes out and is told by another one to go check the generator. After the conversation, hide behind the corner of the building and shoot him when he comes by. Be careful not to shoot him to close to the other guards on the roof and in the main area. Pick up the keycard that he drops.

Use the keycard to open up the door near the corner of the building that you started close to. There’s a sniper on the control tower facing you, but a correctly aimed shot or two from your P99 should take care of him without setting off any alarms.

Once inside the building, keep an eye out for security cameras. Until Zoe gets them offline, being spotted will trigger an alarm and cause your mission to fail. Don’t leave any bodies in view of one either. The cameras make an odd sound as they attempt to focus on you which gives you a chance to duck out of the way before an alarm goes off.

There’s a guard to the left by a water fountain. Shoot him from behind and go forward and to the left from where you entered the building. There may be a couple more guards up ahead. Turn to the right once the hallway ends and head forward until you reach the stairs. There’s nothing of interest in any of the offices, but there is a bag of grenades in the room marked “Utility Closet”. Continue up the stairs and go into the room at the top.

There’s a guard on either side of the room. You should be able to take them out without alerting them. Go to the right and pick up the body armor and keycard on the table with the map. Exit the office and go down the stairs opposite those you came up on until you reach the bottom. Press action in front of the keypad beside the control power door to use the keycard to open it.

Go up the stairs until you reach the door marked “Catwalk Access.” Pick up the sniper rifle that was dropped by the sniper you killed earlier. You’ll need it later. There’s another sniper somewhere around the corner if you didn’t happen to take him out earlier. Go ahead and kill him now so you won’t have to worry about him later.

Go back inside and continue to the top. Zoe will tell you to wait for a second until she gets the cameras offline. Once in the main control room, kill the several guards up there and shoot out all the lit panels to disable the control system. After a quick FMV, Zoe will radio you and ask you to cover her so equip the sniper rifle and head back out to the catwalk. Pick off the guards below, with priority to those closest to Zoe, until she makes it to safety. The secondary function key activates the zoom.

Once Zoe is taken care of, backtrack to the outside area through the offices you came up through. You’ll have some opposition on your way out but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Once outside, head for the corner diagonally across from you. Find the door in that corner and go inside. Kill the guard just behind the door and pick up the grenades and armor that are sitting on crates. Continue through the doors ahead until you’re in the warehouse. Take out the numerous guards in the area and go through the path formed by the crates in the middle until you reach several large stacked pipes. Take out the guards in front of them and crawl through the pipes. Kill the guards on the other side and go through the door to your right. Continue to the outside area and fight off the guards waiting outside.

Once you’ve taken care of the opposition, find the door marked “Maintenance Garage.” There should be armor and ammo inside. Continue through the door ahead and you’re in the Secondary Aircraft hangar. After the FMV, you’ll need to cover Zoe as she prepares Drake’s private plane. Head for the control tower, take out the guards on it, and use the sniper rifle to protect Zoe. After a short while, Zoe will radio you to cover her while she taxis. Head back to the plane and fight off any remaining guards while Zoe goes out onto the runway. Once she’s on the main runway, run up to the plane to complete the mission.

Mission 003: Uninvited Guests

As the mission starts, one of Drake's men sent to kill Mayhew will bust through the window in front of you. Kill him. Mayhew will lead you to a door on the outside walkway. There's an enemy on the other side. Once he's been disposed of, Mayhew will lead you to another door in the next hallway. Kill all the guards in the room it leads to and go back to the hallway you were just in. The middle door leads to a dark security room. There's a gun, armor, and ammo in the smaller room within it, but picking them up causes another attacker to run in after you.

Go back to Mayhew and open the door to the next room. Clear the room of attackers (don't forget the ones up on the second level) and Mayhew will run in and open the secret bunker entrance. Follow him in.

After the FMV, collect any ammo and armor you might need from the bunker (there's some in a locked case that you can open with your watch laser) and run down the hall to the ladder. Pull the lever that opens the hatch and climb up to the top. Kill any enemies you encounter in the outside area and go through the door directly across from the bunker exit.

There will be two enemies ahead a short distance and around the corner from them there's the bath house. Shoot the attackers holding her at gunpoint to save her. Don't take to long or they'll shoot her first. Once she's rewarded you, head back to the room you saw the two guards in. Go through the door opposite the side you came in.

Once you're outside again, take out any opposition in the area. Find the rocks near the wire leading from near the bridge to the elevated section of the estate that extends out over the pond. Shoot out the lights, climb up the rocks, press the action key to grab on, and maneuver across the wire. As with the wire in the first mission, avoid the bumps where the lights were as they spark and can knock you off. Once you make it across, save the hostage in the room near the table and head down the hallway back into the main part of the estate.

Once inside, shoot the two attackers that greet you. Across the hall from the room is the kitchen, where another enemy is usually waiting. After you've cleared the area, walk down the hall until you see a door to your left and a door to your right. The door to your right takes you to where you've already been, so take the one to your left.

Go through the garden area and to the door to your left. When you enter, there's 2 ways you can go. Go to the left first and kill the guard in the bathroom ahead. Kill the guards in the next room and proceed into Mayhew's bedroom. There's a dragon statue on the left wall in front of you. Press action in front of it to retrieve the information.

Backtrack to where you turned to the left and go the other direction. Kill the enemies that attack and turn the corner to save the hostage. After killing off any more enemies in the area, proceed through the door behind where the hostage was and destroy the computer to complete the objective of wiping Mayhew's hard drive.

Through the door to the right in this room is a long hallway. Check the various rooms for armor and ammo. About halfway down the hall, you'll need to rescue a hostage. Now you've only got one more hostage and she's along your way back to Mayhew.

NOTE: there are several ways you can get back to beginning of the level area where you need to be. The way I've described is not the only way and if you get lost just try one of the nearby doors and you'll find your way there soon enough.

Continue through the door on the other side of the hall and turn to the right. Go through the door to your right and you should find your way in another garden area. The door across the area leads back into the library (alternately, you could have come out that way). There's a door to your left along the walkway and it brings you back near the area you started the level in. Find your way past the hall with the security room and into the second room Mayhew lead you into. The big double doors to your left lead to the last hostage. Shoot the enemies holding her at gunpoint, check out the Aston Martin, and continue to make your way to the secret bunker entrance. Press action at the section of wall where Mayhew opened it and continue downstairs and find him.

After the FMV you'll have to defeat the ninja before you finish the level. There's no real specific strategy to beating it, just keep up with it when it jumps around and keep shooting at it. Once you've killed it, the level ends after a short FMV.

Mission 004: Night Shift

As the level begins, take out the security guard in front of you with your fists, your stunner, or your darts. Around the next corner, there will be two guards talking. Take care of them the same way before they can set off an alarm and continue until you see a door with a yellow sign. Take out the worker if he spots you and continue through the door.

Once upstairs, listen to the two guards' conversation. One mentions a keycard on the front desk. Knock them out and go through either of the side passages all the way foward until you see the desk. There will be a guard in that area and guards patrolling the upstairs walkway so be careful. The door to the security room should be near the passage to your left as you face back to the main lobby. Take out the guard inside and use the decryptor on the panel in the back of the room.

Go back to the elevators and open the door to end the scene and get to the next floor. As Q said, there are invisible tripwires in this floor. Though you can use your Q-specs to spot them, they're also easily spotted by the gray squares on either side of the wall. Take out the guards thats' walking nearby (or just avoid him), and then go left down the hall that he was in, making sure to avoid the security camera in the process. Get rid of the next guard, and then continue straight ahead.

The hallway to your right is blocked by laser tripwires, so avoid that route. Make your way to the hall by going through the office area through the door to your left. Once you're through that area, there should be a guard and a camera in the area. Get rid ot the guard and remember the location of the server room in front of you. Go into the nearby kitchen, avoiding the camera inside, and go through the door at the other side. There's another camera that you'll need to avoid in the hallway outside. Go through the small door to the left and go through the area until you reach another hallway.

The administration computer office should be nearby and you'll need to use the Q-worm on the strange computer with the small red panel. After this, find the nearby atrium. Continue through the door across the atrium, taking out the two guards on the way there in the process, and go through the first door to your right.

Through the office there's another hall with a guard in it. Find the Accounting Exec office and use the Q-worm on the computer inside. At the end of the hall there's anotehr security office. Take out the guard inside and use the decryptor on the panel, shutting off the lasers for a short time. Quickly exit the security office and take a right. The stairs should be to your left.

Go through the door ahead and take out the worker behind the windows. Continue through the next door, walk out onto the walkway and to the left, take out the worker with the chart, then the two on the floor, then go up the stairs at the other side of the room. Take a left past the door ahead and laser the lock off with your watch. You can unlock the fuse box nearby the same way to shut off the lights.

Go through the next door through this area and take care of the worker inside. Through the next door there should be a control area. Use the Q-worm inside and return to the hallway. Get rid of the guard and go through the door to your left. There's another door to your left in the next hallway. Take out the guard and go through the door to get outside.

Shoot the guard patrolling outside, then walk toward the elevator area. After a short FMV, you'll be using suction cups to climb the side the side of the building. Continue on to the top, but avoid the guards through the windows on your way up. When you reach the top area, it shouldn't be too hard to find Mayhew's office. Use the Q-worm on the computer inside, go back to the hallway, and then find the double doors with the Phoenix logo on them. Open the door and use the decryptor on the panel to open the door. Use the computer terminal in the large area to get the information you came for, then go back out to the hall. Be prepared for a considerable amount of guards.

Once the guards are taken care of, you'll need to plant a bug in the conference room and in the penthouse. Go through the door from near where the guards came and you'll automatically place the bug once you walk near the table. Leave the room and go through the door to your left.

Go through the doorway into the penthouse and walk to the keypad. Use the decryptor to open up the arsenal inside. Once you've got everything you need from there, go to the desk in the middle to bug it. An attack helicopter will shoot out part of the dome, so you'll need to use the most powerful weapon you have to take it out. Eventually it'll shoot out the gate in the arsenal, unlocking more armor and ammo. The rocket launcher inside will make defeating the helicopter alot easier. Once it starts to fall, run foward and jump directly off the roof to complete the mission.

Mission 006: High Treason

As the level starts, you'll find yourself stuck in the elevator. Guards will shot at you from the office windows on all sides so you'll have to take them out as quickly as possible. The elevator will stop several times before you get get off. After it makes a big drop, there should be a hole in the window on the bridge above and to the front of you. Use your cell phone to grapple up there.

To the right and foward in the elevator there's some ammo and armor behind the desk if you need it. After getting it, go back to the bridge area but go the other way (there's only so many ways you can go in this level due to the gates so it shouldn't be hard to find) and through the door to an office area. Kill the guards and make your way through to the other side.

The server room is across the hall and you'll need to be there later, but for now just head through the kitchen ahead. There's a briefcase gun in there on a table that you'll need to take out and another unused one that you can pick up for later. Kill the guard and move through to the other side. Find the door ahead that leads to more offices and enter the biggest office in the area. Once inside, another wave of guards will attack and one will shoot a hole in the side of the office you're in. Take out the guards in the area, pick up the rocket launcher, and head back to the server room. Shoot out 5 servers with it and go back to where you were.

Through the hole in the office is the meeting room. Pick up all the ammo you can carry and go out to the atrium area. Shoot any guards you might find and shoot out the window across from you to get into the security room. Press the gate switch and all the gates in the area will be raised.

Go to your right, around the curve, and to your right again. You should be near the main stairwell entrance. Take out the two guards in front of it and open the door to access the next area.

Floor 7 is the lowest floor you can enter so fight your way down to there. Once there, turn to the left and shoot the explosive right inside the door to open it completely. Fight your way through the area and continue foward until you're in the atrium area again. The gates on both sides will lock and guards with rocket launchers will attack from the floors above and below you. Dodge rockets and take them all out and eventually the meeting room door will open. Get the explosives on the table in there.

Now you'll need to destroy all the servers on the floor. There's 2 in the rooms closest to the atrium on both sides, but you'll need a few more. Continue through the door on the side of the atrium opposite the way you entered and you should find a few more to destroy. Take them out the same way you did the servers in the server room. Continue through that direction, past the hallway with furniture scattered everywhere, until you reach the desk and elevators. If you destroyed all the servers, an elevator should be open.

In the garage you'll find yourself in, you'll first need to take out the van that's driving around. Avoid the guards shooting at you from inside it and shoot a few rockets at it to destroy it. Use your rocket launcher and any other explosives to take out the white transport vans that are parked throughout the garage. There's one approximately in the middle and one near each corner. Once you've taken them out, a door in the area will open. Take out the guards that come out of it and take the stairway up to the lobby. Once inside, fight your way foward until you nearly reach the front part. The gates will close before you can make it and when they do find the security room window and shoot it out. Kill the guards inside, flip the gate switch, and fight your way back to the main lobby to complete the level.

Mission 009: Reentry

As the mission starts, head through the door in front of you. There's a guard going up on the elevator in front of you. Ignore him for now and find the cylinders to your left. Use them to make your way up to the platform above them. Hop across to the other platform from there and press E in front of the refueling station to refuel your spacesuit's jetpack fuel. Hold the jump key down to jetpack up to the platform above you.

Kill the guards in the area ahead and break the glass to your right to enter the missile area. Jump down to the platform below and press the keypad in front of each missile to open the defusal access. Jetpack up to one, land on the defusal accses panel, and flip the two switches. Press the defusal button in the center to defuse the missile. Hop across to the missile opposite the one you just defused and do the same. Take out the guards in the rooms above if they become too much of a pain.

You'll need to refuel your jetpack. Hop down to the bottom and find the refueling station. Use it and jetpack up to the main platform and to one of the missile's you've not defused. Repeat the process of defusing it and the one across from it and the door above the refuel station will open. Walk through through it, up the ladder, and through the door straight ahead.

After the FMV you'll need to kill Drake. Take out any of the other guards that stand in your way and shoot Drake with your laser until he dies. He'll shoot nearly fatal blasts at you from time to time that you'll need to dodge. Once he's dead, you'll have to find the escape pod before the station self destructs. Head through the hallway to the right of where you entered the room at and open the door at the end to enter the escape pod. After the FMV, the level (and the game) ends.